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Artisan’s Village was founded on the true appreciation and passion for artisanal work created by local hands! An item that furnishes our home, decorates our space, adorns our body, or fills our bellies are all created with equal importance. These handcrafted, handmade, or hand-collected items all begin with a story. Many of these stories go untold and their work never discovered. I love re-telling these stories of items found and items created. Every story is unique, beautiful and a true expression of the individual artisan.

Supporting our local artisans is what Artisan’s Village is all about. We want to foster creativity, build unity, and provide a connection between artisans and their local community. Artisan’s Village provides an online venue for local artists to showcase their work, collaborate, and unite local craftspeople on a smaller more reachable level.

Local Artisans are the heartbeat of a community. They enrich our lives and help establish our local fingerprint. They provide a personality to our hometown. Support your local Artisan Community by buying beautifully unique items that have a homegrown story!!!

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